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Bike Machine

To use a bike machine, sit on the seat, adjust the height and position, place your feet on the pedals, and start pedaling for a lower body-focused cardiovascular workout.


To use a treadmill, step onto the machine, select your desired speed and incline, start walking or running, and adjust as needed while paying attention to proper form and safety.

Arc Trainer

To use an Arc Trainer, step on, adjust settings, hold the handles, and enjoy a low-impact cardio workout with a smooth elliptical motion that engages both upper and lower body.

Rower Machine

To use a row machine, sit down, secure your feet, and pull the handle towards your chest while pushing back with your legs, engaging your entire body for an effective workout.

Elliptical Machine

To use an elliptical machine, step on, hold the handles, adjust settings as needed, and move your legs and arms in a fluid motion for a low-impact, full-body cardio workout.

Stair Stepper

To use a stair stepper, step on, hold the handles if necessary, and start stepping up and down to mimic climbing stairs, delivering a challenging and effective workout for your lower body.

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